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Is Lack of Nursing Education the Key Cause of Poor Patient Care Outcome?


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Is Lack of Nursing Education the Key Cause of Poor Patient Care Outcome?

Is Lack of Nursing Education the Key Cause of Poor Patient Care Outcome?


Synthesize the information from this week’s initial posts and peer replies to formulate a strategic process for recruiting and selecting a sample population from your proposed project setting.  Use this information to begin developing the Scope and Limitations section in Part 1 of your Capstone manuscript. Your paper should include the criteria listed in the following rubric


Discussion 3: Is lack of nursing education the key cause of poor patient care outcome? Ngozi Duru Course Instructor Date 3 - 1: Target population The target population is nursing staff with various levels of education from diverse institutions. Since the aim of the project is to determine whether there is a link between the nursing education level and patient outcome, comparing the results is necessary to identify any emerging trends how education and expertise are relevant to improving the quality of care. The sampling strategy will rely on random sampling to collect the data over time using a non-experimental and explanatory study design. The data collected will focus on one hospital at the Teaching Hospital Umuna Orlu, Imo-state Nigeria and this is more feasible. All the nurses will be recruited from the nursing staff they will be fully informed about the study. After giving their consent to participate in the study, the study participants will be interviewed. Their responses will be recorded anonymously, while it is expected that the hospital administrators will provide information about the nursing composition, experience, level of education and composition. The exclusion and inclusion criteria for the study will be based on the experience level for specific hospital units. Any practicing nurse who has been in practice for less than a year will be excluded from the study. The nurses will also be separated depending where the work from acute care setting units, ...

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