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International Studies & Foreign Affairs


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International Studies & Foreign Affairs

he Al Jazeera 101 East documentary, The Price of Palm Oil, considers whether the global palm oil industry is capable of becoming sustainable. It airs the views of a variety of different stakeholders on the impact of the industry on the local communities, environment and economy of Indonesia.
Your task: Please give your recommendations to the Government of Indonesia on how the local palm oil industry can become sustainable while impacting positively on the livelihoods of local people. You should use evidence from the documentary and your knowledge of the globalisation debates to support the reasons for your recommendations.
• Please look at examples of ODI Briefing papers, the ppt used on Fri 13 October a
• Remember, this is a briefing paper and not an essay.
• Your recommendation could be in bullet points but not the introduction and the main body. You may select to do the recommendation too as a short paragraph.
• If you use references, provide the full citation in the end

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