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International students of China in Canada


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International students of China in Canada

International students of China in Canada

Discuss push and pull factors, barriers and impacts, from your own perspective. Modify the last part of the topic, and compare the number of international students coming from your country of origin, with the number of international students coming to Canada from other countries. You should be sure to explain the reasons why international students travel from your country, to Canada. This paper is for "Geography of Canada". Introduction paragraph 3 body paragraphs conclusion paragraph
China International Students In Canada Name Institution: Date: CHINA INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN CANADA The desire and interest of international students has become a phenomenon for the past few decades mainly for economic, academic, cultural as well as political reasons. The international flow of students and the international studies is traceable from the ancient times, which involved various civilizations (Poy & Cao, 2011). China is among the countries of civilization that embraced international studies since the ancient times. Universities among other higher learning institutions have gained the name international institutions all through their history. Various factors have contributed to the pushing and pulling of international students of China into Canada, although they may experience some barriers and impacts in the process. There is also a great difference in the number of students from China as compared to the other international students studying in Canada, due to several reasons. The international study entails travelling from afar for pursuing advanced education because of interest of knowledge as well as for professional and personal advancement. The international graduate students perform a significant duty of in graduate education of Canada (Evans, 2012). This is because they bring about the academic, economic, and cultural benefits to the learning society and environment. Moreover, the enrollment of international students in Canada has played a great role in the country`s economy, since research indicate that the international students have contributed more than six point five billion dollars. Canada developed various tactics of attracting international students because they realized that the future growth and sustainability would rely on immigrants that would be educated skilled workers. On personal opinion, various factors may lead to the interest by international students of China to study in Canada. Firstly, these students realize that studying in a complex environment would provide international exposure, which is very helpful in professionalism and business among others. The students get to meet other students with diverse culture and quite distant practices from their own, giving them the opportunity of being open minded. The push-pull model was introduced in Canada in the migration theory, where factors that influence the people`s movement are explained. In addition, this model has been very assistive in understanding the flows of international students in the country. The factors found in this model are significant to international students of China and thus placi...

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