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International Student Applying to University of Texas


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International Student Applying to University of Texas

International Student Applying to University of Texas


To writer, I am international student who`s applying to University of Texas at Dallas. I am seeking the second bachelor degree. The admission conselor advise me to write an essay to gain more chance to be accepted to the school. The main purpose in the essay should focus on why I want to earn the second degree. Hope you can make a good essay.
This is some information about me may help you write clearer. The first bachelor degree major is Biotechnology, I got it at The International University in Vietnam. You can mention that when I was in that university, I didn`t highly consider much about studying. I did not know what major I like. Since I came US, I feel more love to study and finally find the major which I want to follow. The major which I want to get in UT Dallas is Chemistry.
Hope it is helpful to the writer.


Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission Admission Essay I did not always know what I wanted to pursue in college, but when I entered the United States, my desire for studies flourished. Having been born and raised in Vietnam, I did not immediately get an inspiration on what I wished to


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