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This project is a critique of an online media room. I have chosen to base the paper upon the International Research Institute for Climate and Society. http://portal.iri.columbia.edu/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=959&PageID=0&cached=true&mode=2&userID=2 I will attach further instructions with the submission of the project details that require identification.
INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR CLIMATE AND SOCIETYNameGrade Course:Tutor`s Name:(May 31, 2012)International Research Institute for Climate and SocietyThe earth institute or the International Research Institute for Climate and Society is a research institute established at Columbia University in 1995. The institute addresses complex issues facing the planet and its inhabitants particularly focusing on sustainable development and the world`s poor. It basis its activities on the idea that technological tools can be used to make the earth a better and a beneficial place to live while being able to balance the needs of the present and the future generations. The institute supports pioneering projects in biological, engineering, social, and health sciences while actively encouraging interdisciplinary projects where they combine natural and social sciences in pursuit of solutions to real world problems (Brown and Hansen, 2008).A summary of the objectives of the institute that clearly spells why the institute was established include: one, to assist in the improvement of and delivery of climate science that responds to the demand of decision makers in different economic sectors. According to Sivakumar and Hansen (2007), this objective has been very instrumental especially in the agricultural sector in many countries in the world where the institute has helped the farmers to understand the climate science in their seasonal operations in farming activities.Two, is to develop, explore and evaluate climate risk management strategies. According to Hansen (2009) the institute has been able to develop explore and evaluate the various risk management strategies, ideas that have been able to help every sector of the economy. Bruizer, et al. (2006)argues that especially in the agricultural sector, these strategies have been very practical and hence of much help to the people concerned and as well, he says that the transport sector especially for the airline is no less an intervention. Heargues that most activities to do with the climate are running smoothly today just because of the effort and the credibility of the institute.Three, is to strengthen development through the integration of climaterisk management tools and techniques. Hansen (2000) argues that this is whereby the institute has been able to apply practically the strategies and tools proposed for risk management in order to foster development. The wind power plants for generation of electricity is a success in countries due to the understanding of the weather conditions and predetermination of the major risk involved in such and hence coming up with strategies and tools of managing such a risk. ...

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