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Insructions are attached


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Insructions are attached

Insructions are attached

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Name Lecturer Course Date: I have gone through the resume template provided and I wish to outline my evaluation. I will start with the first impressions. The resume is inviting to read with clear sections and a considerable text-whitespace-balance. Moreover the design looks professional and not just another sample typing job. The qualification summary is included so the reader will be able to fork out the applicant value as well as their preposition, only that it appears at the bottom. The length is a little bit shorter given the career level and objective. On resume sections, I would say that the individual has placed them in the best order highlighting the applicants strongest credentials, further, work history is listed in a chronological order, with current job appearing first. However, the applicant has not listed their career objectives which should appear towards the top of the resume in a headline objectives and qualifications. The resume is targe...

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