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Initial Public Offerings


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Initial Public Offerings

In this paper, you are supposed to present a report on Initial Public Offerings, you must cover all the mentioned questions and present a clear structured report.

  1. The objective of the project is to understand the mechanisms of different financing and investment vehicles and their use by corporations and investors.
  2. The report should analyze the assigned topic (Initial Public Offerings) in general with a focus on the current status and the characteristics of the corresponding market in the UAE and the region.
  3. The analysis should be supported by recent facts and figures.
  4. Students will research their assigned/chosen financing/investment mechanism and provide evidence from academic publications (e.g. journal articles) of the main characteristics and factors affecting the performance/success of the discussed transactions/deals.
  5. Students should use academic citation and referencing APA 6th Style.
  6. Students are also required to consider a recent example from the region and present it as a business case analysis using appropriate quantitative/qualitative methods.
  7. The reports should be around 20-25 pages including exhibits


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