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Improving Database Design Through Relationship Modeling


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Improving Database Design Through Relationship Modeling

Improving Database Design Through Relationship Modeling


Module 2 - SLP
SLP Assignment
Improving Database Design Through Entity-Relationship Modeling
The purpose of this SLP assignment is to refine database design using ER modeling principles. You are required to continue working on the project started in the previous SLP and do the following:
Identify all relevant entities and relationships.
Use ER diagrams to present them.
When you have finished, place them into a Word document.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Improve existing database design using entity-relationship modeling methods.
Communicate effectively with your audience.


Entity-Relationship Model Name: Institution: Course: Date: There are quite a number of aspects that can be highlighted when considering the entity relationship modelling in reference to developing databases design (Zaïane, 1995). This helps with making the database more elaborate and easier to use, with a lot more information and connection between the data. One of the aspects to consider is the fact that, the model tends to improve the relationships between the data in question (Shiflet, 2002). This is relative to the fact that, one is able to establish


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