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[Solved] Implicit and Explicit Stereotyping Of Adolescents

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[Solved] Implicit and Explicit Stereotyping Of Adolescents

Implicit and Explicit Stereotyping Of Adolescents

Hi there, this is a very simple article summary I will upload the instructions, the articles and one example so you can have a guide. thanks
Implicit and Explicit Stereotyping Of Adolescents Name:Institution:Date:Abstract Results from the two experiments showed that individuals used implicit and explicit stereotypes of adolescents in social judgment of adolescents. The participants of the study were 106 undergraduates from ICLA pursuing a social psychology course. They read and evaluated a 12 sentence paragraph of a case of a 17 year old encounter with a policeman. Further, the participants completed a stress and storm beliefs scale in order to test the stereotyping of explicit adolescents and an implicit association task in order to test stereotyping of the implicit adolescent.Introduction/ PurposeA research by Elisheva and Curtis examined the stereotyping of adolescents implicitly and explicitly. The study was purposed to establish whether adolescents are in any way used discriminately in perceptions of adolescents. Since Epicurus adolescent has been threatening adult tranquility and has been noted as a time of stress and storm (Gross, & Hardin, June 2007). Recently, the characterization of adolescence as moody, risky and rebellious has been termed as stereotype. In the first experiment a 17 year old is used to test the implicit stereotype relationships people have with the adolescents and the explicit endorsement of stereotype adolescents. In the second experiment the researchers used a 17 and a 71 year old participant in order to test the perceptions of the two individuals. In cases where explicit that is to say the beliefs on adolescents would be...

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[Solved] Implicit and Explicit Stereotyping Of Adolescents [Solved] Implicit and Explicit Stereotyping Of Adolescents
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