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Impacts of Bills on Women Research Assignment


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Impacts of Bills on Women Research Assignment

Impacts of Bills on Women Research Assignment



You can post a 1-2 page document where you examine the 4 bills: Healthy Youth Act, 12-Month Supply of Contraception, Equal Pay, and Pregnancy Accommodations. These bills are found in Course documents for the class period when Melissa Davis came to present on the WREN Summit (March 16th).   

What would the first bill, if passed do for the sexual health of teens? What will the second bill do for women students and other women?  What would the third and fourth bills do for women in the workforce? What social changes might you see if these bills were enacted?  Be sure to list your name, your class and section, the date.



Impacts of Bills on Women



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Impacts of Bills on Women

Whenever Bills are passed by the Congress regarding women different opinions are always shared by the public regarding women`s place infringement or elevating women to participate in different ways especially to the issues that affect their rights either directly or indirectly. For example, a recently passed H.R. 586, a divisive “personhood” bill by the Republicans in the House of Represen


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