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Impact of AMA on Health Care Reform


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Impact of AMA on Health Care Reform

Impact of AMA on Health Care Reform


In Chapter 1 of your text, Kongstvedt (2013) discussed the development of health insurance and managed care. On several occasions, Kongstvedt noted the retribution by the medical society against physicians who established or participated in group health plans. In a well-written paper, discuss why this occurred and what potential impact this has on health care reform today.


Impact of AMA on Health Care Reform Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Impact of AMA on Health Care Reform Group health plans are understood as employee welfare benefit plans that are maintained or established by an employee organization for instance a union, an employer, or both of them, which provide medical care for participants or the dependents of the participants directly through reimbursement, insurance or otherwise (Kongstvedt, 2013). Group health insurance plans are basically insurance plans which provide health care coverage to a select grouping of persons. Group health plans are a key benefit that


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