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If you study past history, you are studying future history.


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If you study past history, you are studying future history.

If you study past history, you are studying future history.

Please take care not to use too deep of vocabulary wording. I`m not good at writing and do not enjoy it. I do not want my teacher to become suspicious.
Name Instructor Course Date The importance of studying history has been questioned by many especially students the students who are bothered by what it is and its significance. History has been derived from the words “his story” with “his” referring to humankind while story refers to something or an event that has happened. History has therefore been referred to as a discipline of acquiring knowledge through investigation. Humans are living in the present world and must plan and worry about the future, and thus, history being a study of the past, it accounts past event in a time sequence. This is with respect to their causes and results. History is a preservation of past events with the sole purpose of being remembered because it depicts the fascinating events of mankind and the world that came to be in existence. It presents an explanation to past events and these explanations aid in understanding the relationship of the past to the present and the future. The study of history has become significant in different fields since it allow us to avoid mistakes that happened in the past thereby providing answers as to why the mistakes happened in the first place. This serves as a basis for mankind as it helps to do things correctly (Stearns, 2008). Having the knowledge of past events happenings enable things to be carried out correctly currently and in the future. Moreover, everything that is happening today is the product of history and thus, history enhances efficiency in decision making by learning through history. History helped humans to inquire and be interested in things or events that greatly affect their lives in the present as well as in the future. It is through history that solutions are found regarding present issues before getting the trial or execution of error. There are ready and instant answers to societal problems without the danger of more mistakes. History offers a guide that leads mankind to the progressive development of life through inspiration that aims at trying new things so as to beat people`s meaningful achievements. A society that needs to expect education to serve useful purposes, history, though difficult to define, is very useful and indispensable though its study is less tangible than other disciplines. History offers reasons for it to hold its place in current education in that, the know ledge of historical facts distinguish the educated from uneducated. It is essential for the society and individuals because it harbors beauty its utility rely on the fundamental fact of helping to understand people and society, and understanding change and how present society came to be. The behavior of people and society is understood from history information provided, because it is difficult to understand the operations of a society from other disciplines. The experiences of the past play a role that influence technological innovation and the shaping of family life since relying on current data would handicap these effor...

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