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.If there is a non-conformance, what clause of the standard did it violate?


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.If there is a non-conformance, what clause of the standard did it violate?

QMS-Module 1 - Competency Unit-QM



QMS-Module 1 - Competency Unit-QMChapter 4Quiz 1 Is there a nonconformance?Yes, conformance relates to acting within the agreed rules regulations and procedures within the firm and in accordance with international standards, and there is non-conformance in this case, where there are changes without communication to the management.If there is a non-conformance, what clause of the standard did it violate?To determine where there is non-conformance during audition it is necessarily to look into the audit findings by comparing audit evidence to audit criteria (ISO, 2011). Similarly, when looking into non-conformance one highlights on the procedure adopted by the Manufacturing Engineer versus the set procedures. The changes violated i clause 7.3.7 under ISO 9001-2008 (ANS, 2008) Thus, one of the non-conformance issues is the adoption of a process, when implementing quality management systems. In this case, the Engineer did not do an evaluation, to determine how the process would affect the overall organization. The operator demonstrates the new method with the aim of increasing efficiency, but there is no evidence that this seeks to meet customer’s needs.If there is conformance, make a list of the objective evidence of conformance. There is also conformance in the tasks undertaken by the manufacturing engineerThe process instruction sheet is the evidence that there has been conformance in carrying out the duties.The instruction sheet states about the plans adopted to improve on the processWork instruction on how the new method operatesTesting the validity of recordsChecking for documentary evidence and testing the new method. If there is a nonconformance, what is the objective evidence?Objective evidence relates to attempts of facts that are docu...

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