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identify the topic and 3 subtopics for expository essay


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identify the topic and 3 subtopics for expository essay

Money management


identify the topic and 3 subtopics for expository essay. Provide three credible sources from the internet for your expository essay and create a reference list of the sources, formatted consistent with APA. Address the following question. Which supoint or supoints from your prewitting method(listing) do these support? Explain answer.

Money ManagementNameInstitutionDateMoney ManagementThe skill most people do not have, but could be of benefit from mastering is “Money Management”. Money management is the process of overseeing how money is spend, invested or saved. Money management techniques play an integral part in everyone`s life. Sometimes, most people may find that all what they earn is usually directed to paying off various debts. This can be evaded by adopting better money management skills.A lot has been researched on this topic. For instance, according to one of the articles by Steiner (2013), developing noteworthy money management skills can help one to live the life he/she wants. The article also gives detailed saving strategies, which can help people to plan and spend th...

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