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I search: will the US adopt soccer like the rest of the world?


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I search: will the US adopt soccer like the rest of the world?

I search: will the US adopt soccer like the rest of the world?

Please do an I search for the bellow topic I search: will the US adopt soccer like the rest of the world? Please use online sources and include videos. I will attach a sample of what the instructor asks us to do
Name:Course:Instructor:Date:I have known John Scot since our days in high school. He was one of the few soccer players in school. As I watched Scot coach our local Major League Soccer (MLS) team on the soccer field, I could not help but reminisce on our high school days. Back then, football was the sport of the day followed closely by basketball. No one gave a second thought to sports such as soccer. In retrospect, this was because we were brought up in households that barely knew the rules of soccer.Soccer is a world sport that is embraced the world over (McDougall 26). However, in the United States, it takes a back stage in preference to other sports. This is seen from the amount of coverage given to soccer compared to other sports. Scot was a professional athlete back in high school. He loved playing soccer, which earned him a sports scholarship to further his education while playing. He later represented the country in international matches and tournaments. However, he was forced to retire at a prime age of 25 years due to a knee injury that ended his playing career. However, this did not mark an end for his love for the game. Scot after recovering returned to our hometown and set up a soccer academy with an aim of helping stray children keep out of trouble. He assembled local boys who liked the game but lacked the passion or facilities to follow their love.As a sports journalist, I have covered many different personalities over the course of my career. When given the assignment by my editor on soccer adoption in America compared to the rest of the world, I could only think of one person. In my research, I had found out that soccer is like a religion in some part of the work like South America. In European countries, stadiums are full every week and some times during the week with loyal club supporters who come to cheer on their teas. Soccer personalities in countries such as Spain and England earn much more than some of the giant sport personalities here in the United States...

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