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Hybrids under the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy


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Hybrids under the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy

Hybrids under the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy


Please follow the "Thesis Statement and Outline Requirements" and write an outline for the attaching research proposal. Also use the resources provided.

  Multiculturalism policies created great diversity and offered opportunities for global labour market. The group of people who are immigrants and living under two different cultures called hybrids are the outcome of multiculturalism and them transformational rather than a confirmation of assimilation(Viswanathan). Canadian Multicultural policies are forms of integration as opposed to assimilation, in terms of policies hybrids should not be struggle under different cultures.  In fact, hybrids is an intricate topic, which I would like to come up with a comprehensive way by which the lives of hybrids in Canada can be made more comfortable. Especially with the implementation of the new multiculturalism policy.



Student’s Name Instructor’s name Course Date Hybrids under the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy Thesis statement Even though the hybrids in Canada are bound to experience various challenges in their integration in the Canadian multicultural society, the development of new immigration policies will promote the spirit of Canadian Multicultural policies that seek to foster hybrid integration without having to drop the old beliefs in the new society. Individuals as well as the government should actively participate in championing for the ways through which the hybrid can get help to transit to the new socie


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