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Human Labour in Pre-industrial Agriculture


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Human Labour in Pre-industrial Agriculture

Human Labour in Pre-industrial Agriculture

Dear Writer, 1)Clarify the major themes and ideas discussed in the attached references files. 2)Put these ideas in a coherent order. 3)Make the writing clear, accurate and thorough. 4)Make the sentences simple, short and direct.
REVIEW OF UNIT 7: HUMAN LABOUR IN PRE-INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTUREName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(06, December, 2010)Human Labour in Pre-industrial AgricultureIntroductionThis is a critical review paper that clarifies themes and ideas that are discussed on the articles covering on the micro demographic perspectives on food, population and traditional farming in pre-industrial era (Wood, 2010). It also reviews on the nature of the household labor forces and its ability to respond to the house hold food consumption needs of the traditional rural populations. Finally, the issues of environmental unpredictability and its demographic costs in the household demographic enterprise are reviewed.Micro demography is defined as the study of population with a specific focus on the individuals at the household level while demographic anthropology is the study of mostly pre-industrial or rural developing–world populations.Article ReviewOne of the themes discussed is the article is the traditional farming and its defining features. Traditional farming is a pre-industrial form of agriculture characterized by absence of utilization of steam power and fossil fuels in its operations. Traditional farming is characterized by its absolute dependency on human and animal power in its farming processes which are often limited by transport costs. Traditional farming is predominantly managed and organized at a household level and thus is family farms primarily owned by members of very close kinship ...

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