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Human Cloning: Is it Ethical?


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Human Cloning: Is it Ethical?

Human Cloning: Is it Ethical?

The writer can chose any topic they are passioned about. Please write a A+ standard university level persuasive/research essay that complies with the guidelines attached herewith. Please email draft document, preferably on or before August 3rd. NOTE: Double spacing; Times new roman;12 font
Your NameProfessor`s NameCourse NumberAugust 03, 2012 Human Cloning: Is it Ethical?The pace at which scientific research has heightened in the twenty first century is matchless. In the vaguest human knowledge, nobody would have imagined the possibility of penetrating the core of the universe, unveiling what constitutes a human being. Cloning, the laboratory-aided replication of a strand of Desoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) that is used to produce an identical being, exemplifies sweeping developmental technology, which toys with the very existence of human life. Consequently, scientific concepts and practices that had been deemed as impossible a few decades ago are gradually becoming reality. Nonetheless, such sophisticated scientific discoveries bring with them social debates on what is moral or amoral as far as human ethics are concerned. There are constant questions regarding how the cloning practice should be carried on. Strong proponents of human cloning like Dr. Richard Seed once suggested that given chance, cloning might someday help humanity upend the aging process and reverse incurable ailments like heart attacks (Pence12).The cloning debate is in essence unsettled; stiff resistance from religious -cultural continuum has fettered the implementation of the technology. The mounting pressure for clonal embryonic stem cells use and the ever-increasing need for reproductive cloning have steered the scientists to strive in effort to implement the technology that world leaders have ignored as mere bunkum. The question remains; can technology undercut ethical constraints or will the promising cloning technology be discarded to preserve human dignity? This study explores the damaging ramifications associated with human cloning, in effort to debunk the myth that human cloning has the impetus to change human life and existence. Notably, there are numerous problems associated with human cloning that humanity might not be ab...

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