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how to write an Internship Report


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how to write an Internship Report

In this paper, you are supposed to present an internship report as you are asked to summarize the intern’s activities throughout the semester and analyze the information gained as measured against the initial objectives below. Clear read the instructions mentioned below related to final report assignment sheet and present a clear structured report.  

Final Report Assignment Sheet

  • Summarize the intern’s activities throughout the semester;
  • Analyze the activities and knowledge gained as measured against initial objectives below:
  • Apply contemporary Rhetoric/Composition theories in developmental reading and writing to construct appropriate and effective activities in their ENGL 100 lab sections, with the guidance of their ENGL 470/HUEL 473 instructor.
  • Articulate clearly the connections between Rhetoric/Composition theories and the assignments and classroom activities in which their ENGL 100 lab students engaged throughout the semester.
  • Informally assess (interns do NOT formally evaluate ENGL 100 students) and report on (via journal entries, mid-semester and end-of-semester documents, and classroom discussions) their ENGL 100 students’ reading and writing development as measured by the ENGL 100 course outcomes and the intern’s understanding of the Rhetoric/Composition theories they’ve studied.
  • Effectively manage students’ behavior in their assigned lab sections to achieve the optimum learning environment for the students.
  • Collaborate with other interns, part-time lab instructors, the ENGL 100 Coordinator, and full-time ENGL 100 faculty to develop, assess, and revise ENGL 100 lab strategies and activities.
  • Demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors that invite collaboration with colleagues and enhance students’ learning.
  • Maintain accurate records of their ENGL 100 students’ development and attendance.
    • Analyze the value of the internship to the student’s personal and career objectives;
    • Make recommendations for the improvement of the internship experience;
    • Provide examples of materials used and/or produced during the internship. Be selective.
    • Respond briefly to “Principles of Effective Writing Instruction,” e.g., How does the text affect your perception of composition? How does it change your understanding of composition pedagogy?


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