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How to keep your apartement clean?


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How to keep your apartement clean?

How to keep your apartement clean?

Hello, I need the first paragraph to be an introduction on how to keep your apartment clean. then I need four learning objectives with titles and explain them last paragraph I need it to a glossary. I want it to be like a Standard operating procedure. Thanks
Name:Professor:Institution:Course:Date:Maintenance of cleanliness in apartment sometimes tends to be tiresome, but a routine of cleaning must be maintained since apartment can turn from freshly clean environment to inhabitable place overnight. Cleanliness in an apartment can be maintained through thoroughly cleaning during the first time to enhance reduction of work during the future days. Deep cleaning can be effective by hiring a cleaning service which will do a quality job within a short time, by doing this the apartment cleanliness can be maintained in the future with the help of family members or jus...

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