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How the healthcare industry copes with computer hacking in their technological systems a case of US?


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How the healthcare industry copes with computer hacking in their technological systems a case of US?

How the healthcare industry copes with computer hacking in their technological systems a case of US?

There is one (1) research paper due during this course that is due by the end of Unit 10 (no later than March 26, 2013). You will submit the topic for your paper to the professor in Unit 2 (via email) and it will be approved/disapproved by the professor by the conclusion of Unit 3. Topics should be relevant to the field of information security (cybercrime, recent attack vectors, emerging trends in information security, security management, regulatory compliance, etc.) and you should demonstrate your comprehension of the selected topic through your analysis. Don`t just tell me about something...explain the relevance in terms of business impact. You will select at least 10 references on the topic from ABI/ProQuest. You will need library access to access this library database. Select full papers and academic quality reference materials. If you use Internet references these are above and beyond the 10 required from ABI/ProQuest. The research paper should be at least 5 double-spaced pages (excluding cover, TOC, and reference list), have a cover sheet, table of contents, executive summary, introduction to the research topic, current literature discussion (based on the 10 references using APA citation), conclusion and implication of your research, reference list (APA format). Note: The reference page should be in full detail so I can go to your reference and find the paper you are citing. Grading will be based on content, grammar, spelling, APA format correctness, completeness and overall quality of the research. Place the completed research paper in the drop box in a Microsoft Word format. No .pdf file formats will be accepted. Now this is my narrowed topic: "How the Health Care Industry Copes with Computer Hacking in Their Technological System: A case of US".
HOW THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY COPES WITH COMPUTER HACKING IN THEIR TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS: A CASE OF US Name:Institution:Course Title:Course Code:Instructor`s Name:Date Due: Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u  HYPERLINK l "_Toc346661030" Executive Summary  PAGEREF _Toc346661030 h 3 HYPERLINK l "_Toc346661031" Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc346661031 h 4 HYPERLINK l "_Toc346661032" Literature Review  PAGEREF _Toc346661032 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc346661033" Conclusion  PAGEREF _Toc346661033 h 7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc346661034" Reference  PAGEREF _Toc346661034 h 7 Executive SummaryIn recent years, the cyber crime rate, computer hacking as well as virus attacks has been consistently on the rise globally. Persistent security breaches have ended up causing damages to the organizations IS (Ogut, 2006). Many of these Organizations have in turn tended to use different security technologies such as intrusion detection system, firewalls, biometric, encryption and other authentication system to deter these problems. However, studies reveal that it is not an easy task to eliminate or prevent these breaches from happening. This has led to many organizations using other tools such as insurance to cater for the losses emanating from the security breaches. Although these technological instruments are poised to reduce vulnerabilities and losses, how many firms manage their IT security risks is not yet clear to many. The last decade has seen the IT sector evolve from one stage to another. These information systems have enhanced the operations of many organizations and the connection between them and their clients. The IT has enabled many of these businesses to thrive in various aspects and even become major operators in the global economy. The closeness of the organizations with their customers has unfortunately made them to be vulnerable with regard to unprecedented technology risks. Whitman, (2004) observes that, the evolution of security t...

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