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how my expectation are or are not met and rate each categories that is described


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how my expectation are or are not met and rate each categories that is described

Restaurant review in Pennsylvania

Hello, The assignment requires to write about an field observation, like a restaurant review. I live in Baltimore Maryland, the restaurant needs to be in Pennsylvania, if you could a particular restaurant you`re most familiar with, any restaurant of your choice in Pennsylvania. the assignment task requires me to describe the place`s atmosphere, food quality, menu, prices, people, sanitation, parking, service, how my expectation are or are not met and rate each categories that is described. Please message me at any time if you have any questions.
Name:Tutor:Course:Date:Restaurant review in PennsylvaniaLiving in Baltimore Maryland is fun. Water surrounds the town on three borders. It has one of the largest seaports. Though it has four weather seasons, Baltimore Maryland experiences a humid weather for the most part of the year. One needs to get out and move inland to experience change of environment. Pennsylvania is just the perfect place for me. When moving to another town one needs to check out a restaurant where they will feel comfortable. One of the best restaurants in Pennsylvania is the Gabrielle`s Restaurant named after the owner`s youngest daughter. With over twenty years in this business, customers receive quality services. Located in the Lower Bucks County area, Levittown, one can access Gabrielle`s Restaurant from all directions. In this part of Pennsylvania, one can have a satisfying experience whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.The atmosphere in this area is breathtaking. The restaurants environment is fantastic with lovely flavors. A fusion of classic and contemporary paintings of ancient idols characterizes the interior of this restaurant. Green trees with footpaths in between short trimmed flower plants surround the restaurant, which explains the fresh air around the place. Every place outside the restaurant has flower plants. The construction work, the architectural des...

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