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How has UBER disrupted taxi industry?


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How has UBER disrupted taxi industry?

Structure of the report The structure below is recommended: Title/cover page The following details should be stated on your title page: • The title of your project • Student number • Name of supervisor Acknowledgement Thank any people who have assisted/contributed to your project. Contents Provide a list of the sections of your project with page numbers. Section 1: Introduction • What is the setting for your project? • What are the aims of your project? • What is your project about? • How and why did you choose the project? Section 2: Literature Review Review of relevant literature related to your research. Make sure you consult a wide range of relevant literature. All sources should be correctly attributed using the Harvard format. Section 3: Process • What methodology did you adopt (inductive or deductive?) • What methods did you choose? • How did you carry out your project? • Why did you choose this particular approach? • Did your approach differ from the Proposal? Why? Section 4: Discussion and Evaluation • An analytical, critical discussion of your project with references to literature to support your arguments. • How far do your findings contradict/confirm existing research? • Refer to any diagrams, questionnaire results, graphs, etc. Section 5: Conclusion and Recommendations • What do your findings show? • What were the limitations of your project? • What recommendations would you make on the basis of your findings? • Do you think your recommendations are innovative or entrepreneurial? How and why are they? Section 6: References

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