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How do you fulfill the research role now?


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How do you fulfill the research role now?


ONE REFERENCE EACH QUESTION. 1. Research is a fundamental role that every nurse plays but in different ways. How do you fulfill the research role now? Once you graduate from this program, how do you envision yourself fulfilling the research role in the future? 2. The clinical issue is more patient to nurses with a ratio of 10:1. Describe what makes this issue significant, e.g., the seriousness, the number of people affected, the gaps in knowledge, etc.
NURSING RESEARCHName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(11th July, 2012)Nursing ResearchUltimate responsibility for any study is left to the principal investigator (PI). As Poston and Buescher (2010) have explained, research nurses are at the pivot of clinical trials and research. Currently as a junior nurse, I am still studying, and my role is somewhat minor but very important all the same. I am currently responsible for organizing and gathering data once patients ...

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