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How convinced are you by Burgess’ claim that authors can “let go of any attempt to lecture [young people], help them or worst


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How convinced are you by Burgess’ claim that authors can “let go of any attempt to lecture [young people], help them or worst of all educate them” and “simply tell [the] story” (Burgess, 2009, p. 319)?

How convinced are you by Burgess’ claim that authors can “let go of any attempt to lecture [young people], help them or worst of all educate them” and “simply tell [the] story” (Burgess, 2009, p. 319)? Discuss with reference to Junk and two other set texts from Block 6. In your assignment, you should also draw on forum and wiki contributions to support your conclusions. You should also include a screen shot of up to three of your own postings as evidence of your participation in the Block 6 activity.

Burgess, M. 2009 ‘Sympathy for the devil’ in Montgomery, H. and Watson, N. J. (eds) Children’s Literature: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 315-20.
Guidance notes
These notes suggest some approaches you might want to take in response to the TMA question, and are intended to help you get started. They are not designed to be used as an essay plan, and you may well want to take a different approach. Please make sure that you have read through the Assessment Guide carefully before you begin, and that you have noted the guidance on referencing and avoiding plagiarism.

This is a longer, higher weighted assignment which gives you an opportunity to gain credit for contributing to group work and undertaking wider research. Up to 30% of the marks for this TMA are awarded for your contribution to the Block 6 activity. 10 marks will be awarded automatically for including evidence of your own participation by means of a screenshot of at least one (and up to three) of your own postings. Up to 20 marks will be awarded for the quality of your engagement with the activity, online discussion and wiki entries as evidenced in the main body of your assignment.

This assignment asks you to discuss the claim Melvin Burgess makes in “Sympathy for the Devil”, Reader 2 Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends pp. 315-320 . There is no single approach and you are invited to develop and argue for your own view, based on the evidence from set texts, critical readings, other module materials and your own work in the Block 6 activity. A good starting point in your preparation for this assignment would be to read Burgess’ chapter carefully in order to develop a critical understanding of his position and argument. Note that the question has two distinct elements to it: the quotation you are asked to discuss refers both to “letting go” of the attempt to instruct or educate and to the idea that an author can “simply tell [a] story”. It will be important to consider both of these elements as you plan your response, though the relative weighting you give to these different elements in your argument is up to you. Burgess’ comment refers to young people in a general sense and you need not confine yourself to fiction specifically aimed at the ‘Young Adult’ market.

There is a range of material from the Block which addresses both the role of education and a variety of approaches to storytelling in fiction for young people. Your sources will be the set books and the associated critical articles. As well as Burgess’ chapter, you may also wish to remind yourself of relevant arguments he and others put forward in AV no. 2 which you encountered in Block 1.

Depending on which texts you choose to focus on, you are likely to find other authors’ commentaries on their motivations highly relevant (e.g. in Reader 2 Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends, essays by Naidoo and Gavin). When considering Junk, you may also find the essay by Stephens useful (Reader 2 Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends). If you write about Mortal Engines you may wish to look carefully at the reading by Sambell (Reader 2 Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends). Falconer’s essay on cross-over reading in Reader 1 Approaches and Territories may also be a useful source.

Include a statement of the word count and a references list (not included in the word count).

The essay I need is for the open university. I have a study guide and two books they are children`s literature approaches and territories by Janet mayb in and Nicola j Watson
Children`s literature classic texts and contempory trends by Heather Montgomery and Nicola j Watson. All references need to come from these I believe they are available online. Also contextual evidence should be from junk by Melvin Burgess.  The other side of truth by beverly naidoo and corom boy by jamila Gavin. 

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