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Hospitality and Travel in Singapore


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Hospitality and Travel in Singapore

Hospitality and Travel in Singapore

I am writing a team report as if we are assuming the role of consultants. A CEO wants to expand The Wyndham into SINGAPORE. You have already advised the CEO on how the economic, social, legal, ethical, technological and political environments of the recommended country that may impact the specific industry to which the MNE belongs. The CEO once again needs your advice. S/he wants to know: What specific operational problems did companies in Hospitality and Travel industry encounter in Singapore? Your analysis should focus on the MNC`s operational practices in the country as indicated by your research, and supported by conceptual frameworks.
Hospitality and Singapore Name: Course Code Instructor: Date of Submission Introduction When a company seeks to expand base and enter a new market, there are many factors of consideration. The PESTLE analysis is one of the most effective ways of analyzing a new market. This is taking consideration of the political economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. Of equal importance when venturing into a new market are the mechanisms of operation (Marsden, 2012). This discussion looks at the operational mechanisms for hospitality and tourism sector in Singapore. The discussion will seek to establish some of the problems that hospitality and a tourism companies venturing into Singapore for the first time is likely to experience. One of the operational issues that ho...

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