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Hong Kong Fruit of the Treaty of Nanking


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Hong Kong Fruit of the Treaty of Nanking

Hong Kong Fruit of the Treaty of Nanking


i DO NOT need a Anontated BIB, i just need a regular bib for my topic which is what things happened that have shaped hong kong how it is as a global power house, 

I need 10 sources which must comprise of Breakdown of sources:

• 3 background sources (example: BBC article)

• 4 scholarly sources books or JSTOR/ProQuest articles

• 3 primary sources (depends on your topic but for example: newspaper article or an image)

they must all have stable links to access them at any time.


HONG KONG; FRUIT OF THE TREATY OF NANKING Name: Course: Date: US-China Institute. Treaty of Nanjing (Nanking), 1842. Los Angeles: US-China Institute, 2015. http://china.usc.edu/treaty-nanjing-nanking-1842 The article is about the agreement that was made to ensure that peace and friendship prevail between his majesty the emperor of China and her majesty the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The article is relevant because it reveals how the favour was to be extended to their respective subjects to ensure they enjoyed full security and protection for their people and property. That was geared towards signing of Nanking Treaty to isolate Honk Kong from China.[US-China Institute. Treaty of Nanjing (Nanking), 1842. Los Angeles: US-China Institute, 2015. http://china.usc.edu/treaty-nanjing-nanking-1842] University of Canterbury. The Treaty of Nanking 1842. Christchurch: University of Canterbury, 2015. http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/voyages/herald/nanking.shtml The article is about the decision that His Majesty the Emperor of China made to allow British subjects with their families and belongings to stay in China. The decision ensured that British citizens conducted their mercantile pursuits without being harassed. The article explains how the Emperor allowed the British to appoint their superintendents in the main cities to facilitate communication between the merchants and Chinese authorities. That was a strategy to prepare for the Nankin...

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