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Historical Perspectives on Topics in Architecture


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Historical Perspectives on Topics in Architecture

Historical Perspectives on Topics in Architecture

We are supposed to find three images (I chose them and I`ll attach them as well) and then choose a caption for each image.Then make an argument about these illustrations through these five subjects: 1. avant-gardism and politics, 2. Making of tradition of modernism, 3. CIAM, 4. Centre/Periphery, 5. North African housing and the colonial subject. This is what my professor asked us to do: (In this assignment we are looking for concepts that support arguments that work toward a larger thesis about architecture. We are expecting that each caption will be argued with precision, that is, with a view to framing an argument. We expect the combination of illustration + caption will produce a correspondence between word and image, mediating between content and thesis. The image and text will be mutually informing. Consider this an opportunity to test and develop ideas about architecture, representation, and visual persuasion.) Each caption should be a maximum and no more than five (5) sentences in length. I will attach three citation in this category to show you how to make an argument about these images in a precise concept about history of architecture. I thought may be its better to send you more than three images to let you have more options to choose any image that you think it would a better choice to make an argument. So I attached two PDF files. They are consisted of plenty pictures. So you can choose three images among these pictures. Thanks a lot
Historical Perspectives on Topics in ArchitectureStudent NameSchool NameHistorical Perspectives on Topics in Architecture This is a work of architectural minds of a continuous monument on the river that was founded by five Florentine architectures in 1966 which was described as “…of a “new man rejecting the machine age and all that it implies – mass-production”, (Peggy, 1997, p.3). The notion was that the world was developing at a speed due to globalization. The solution was to live in one mega structure with local cultures of the people striping away and making the world a global village where people all live in one structure and are divvied by different cultures. The Florentine architects were less interested in replacing the making of tradition of modernism since they seemed to be critiquing what modernism had become. This monumental design indicated that modernization was being tampered with since it was not supporting individualism and privacy; hence mobility was not entirely its periphery and contradicts with the way it had viewed the futurity of modernism.Historical Perspectives on Topics in ArchitectureThis architectural design that can represent a housing structure in North Africa, may have been as a result of colonial model where CIAM thinking came t...

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