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Historical Inventions


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Historical Inventions

Historical Inventions


Productivity and technology—Examples of innovations Recent innovations are increasing productivity. Go to the Timeline of Historic Inventions at www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_invention. Scroll down until you find the inventions made starting in the 1940s. Look at them and later inventions. Cite five technological "home runs" (for example, the transistor in 1947) and five technological "singles" (for example, the personal stereo in 1977). Which one innovation do you think has increased productivity the most? List two innovations since 1990. How might they have boosted productivity?


Historical Inventions Author’s Name University Affiliation Historical Inventions Historical inventions paved way for the development of the world. There are varieties of inventions, which may fall under either technological “home runs” or technological “singles.” Of the technolog

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