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Health Care Economics and policy - Health Policy Analysis


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Health Care Economics and policy - Health Policy Analysis

Health Care Economics and policy - Health Policy Analysis

Dear, I am student at the university and my major is Health Administration. One of my courses I am taking is Health Care Economics and policy and I have to do Health Policy Analysis Project. I will attach the instruction and sample of it to be easier for you. I ordered this project to be done within 10 days but, I have to submit the references to my professor that I will use them which are 30 references. this is the attach that you need which are the instruction and the sample of Health Policy Project. Also, just a reminder you should to cover the 4 points which are: a. Statement of the policy question. b. Clarity of student`s position on the question. c. Relevance of the question to federal or state health policy (Why is it important). d. Economic analysis of the student`s position. e. Significance. MY STATEMENT OF THE POLICY QUESTION IS: Question: Based on what president Obama called nurses is "the front lines of the healthcare system”? Is the Shortage of Hospital RNs is Getting Better Or Worse ? Don`t forget that I have submit the references that you going to use them that are 30 references after 3 days and the project within 10 days.
Health Care Economics and Policy: Health Policy Analysis (Student`s Name) (Course Code/Number) (Name of Professor) (Date of Submission) Health Care Economics and Policy: Health Policy Analysis Introduction Healthcare and nursing have changed greatly from its earlier days of intuition and superstition on evil spirits, humors or fluids and others, up to today`s scientific and evidence-based practice CITATION Bar081 l 1033 (Kozier, Erb, Berman, Snyder, Lake, & Harvey, 2008). Indeed, modern healthcare is now governed by laws and standards that highlight more than anything else the significance of empirical and scientific evidences to every intervention and decision CITATION BTB04 l 1033 (Basavanthappa, 2004). Even the different laws that govern the said dynamics of modern healthcare are subjected to research and continuous revisions and changes. In fact, although the world may have come a long way from the less-scientific nature of the intuitive periods of nursing, modern healthcare may still have a long way to go. This is especially in view of the expanding role of nurses, and the observable role of administration and politics in the success of healthcare. Certainly, political moves by leaders have led both to solutions and problems on nursing, especially in terms of staffing and the nurse-patient ratio. Therefore, this calls for the need for more intensive and continuo...

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