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Health & Society in Germany Since c1900


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Health & Society in Germany Since c1900

he relationships between health and society in the context of 20th century Germany. Health will be interpreted broadly to mean the state organisation of preventive and therapeutic medical and health care, public health, social and cultural understandings of the body, health, sickness and disease, and environmental factors which impact on well-being.


The course addresses developments specific to Germany such as health policy and society in Imperial Germany; welfare and social change in the Weimar Republic; the ways in which social hygiene and eugenic theory were adapted and synthesised into the goals of National Socialism; fertility and reproduction in the Third Reich as well as the `euthanasia` programmes; the medical trials and public health in the occupation period; the building of new societies and health care systems in both East and West Germany post-1949 and the impact of cultural change post 1968.

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