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Health and medicine topics


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Health and medicine topics

Health and medicine topics

Extra Credit: A possibility of 20 extra credit points can be earned by doing research on health related topics and writing a brief discussion on the topic. A maximum of 4 topics may be researched for a maximum 5 points each. A copy of the original article or report must be submitted. Research may be done on the internet or by using newspapers, journals or magazines. 2 pages each.
Title: Health and medicine topicsName:University:Date Due:IntroductionThe foundations Health Sciences and Medicine are as old as human race. There has been need to come up with solutions to health problems such as illnesses, injury and health related problems such as child birth. Due to modern technology and the backing of pure sciences, the scientific accuracy of these fields has always been improved.Health and medicine can be defined as the study and health related issues in order to understand the functioning of human and animals and application of that knowledge to improve the health and prevent cum cure illnesses. This is based on sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics. Some of the broad branches that constitute the study of health and medicine include biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics and pharmacology. This article examines some of the branches of health and medicine such as dermatology, cell biology and pharmacology.DiscussionDermatologyThis is a branch of medicine that deals with skin and its diseases, with specialty in both medical and surgical aspects. It involves taking care of diseases in details and problems of cosmetics of the skin, scalp, hair and nails.The training for the profession of dermatologist requires a degree in medical field. The duration of training may vary with country but in United States it is a total of four years. The training involve preliminary medical or surgical intern year followed by a three-year dermatology fellowship. After this residency, a one or two year fellowship is available in immunodermatology, phototherapy, laser medicine, Mohs micrographic surgery, cosmetic surgery and dermatopathology. The residency for dermatology positions have been the most competitive in United States.Sub branches The first sub branch of dermatology is cosmetic dermatology. Dermatologists have been specialists in cosmetic surgery. Some dermatologists train in the field of surgical dermatology. Trainees are trained on their locations on the use of botox, fillers and laser surgery. The cosmetic procedures performed by some dermatologists include liposuction, blepharoplasty and facelifts. However, many dermatologists concentrate on invasive procedures. There are no specific guidelines from the American Board of Dermatology, hence many cosmetic fellowships are provided in both surgery and laser medicine.The second type of dermatology is dermatopathology. In this type of dermatology, the doctor specializes in skin pathology. Hence pathologists and dermatologists can share this field. A dermatologist is required to complete a one year dermatopathology fellowship. This is composed of six months of studying general pathology and six months of studying dermatopathology. A person from both specialties can work as a dermatopathologist. Some dermatopathologists are eligible to sit for their examinations after a fellowship in dermatology and pathology.The other branch of dermatology is immuonodermatology. Here, skin mediated...

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