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Harriet Tubman Contributions to Military Assignment


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Harriet Tubman Contributions to Military Assignment

Harriet Tubman Contributions to Military Assignment


I need this type of outline to go with the essay paper.
I. Introduction
A. Attention
B. Motivation
C. Overview (State Main Points)
II. Body
A. Main point 1
1. Sub-point
2. Sub-point
** Transition sentence from MP1 to MP2***
B. Main point 2
1. Sub-point
2. Sub-point
III. Conclusion
A. Summary (Review Main Points)
B. Remotivation
C. Closing


Harriet Tubman Name Professor Date Introduction Harriet Tubman was born into slavery as Araminta Ross and as a child, she experienced the cruel and abusive nature of slave masters that resulted in her suffering a head injury that led to seizures. She changed her first name to Harriet when she married a free black man in 1844. In 1849, after the sudden death of her master, Harriet was determined to escape rather than be sold and be separated from her family. She managed to escape, a


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