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Hamlet Please identify the following quotation from Shakespeare`s Hamlet identify the Act, Scene and Line as well as the Speaker and the listener. Give a brief explanation of the situation of the quote then match it with the answer provided. Check the attachment.
Name Course number Instructor`s name Date Hamlet The first two lines of the quotation are from Act 1 scene II lines 129 and 130. It is the first Hamlet`s soliloquy. Hamlet is having a monologue where he is disturbed about his mother`s fast change. He feels suicidal when he says that that flesh would melt like dew indicative of how he feels about how his life would end. The last three lines of the quotation are from Act 1 Scene II lines 146 to 148. Hamlet ponders on the fact that it has only been a month since his father died but her mother is now married which is too soon. He also observes that his mother`s marriage has worsened to the extent that her shoes have worn away indicating that man she has now married is not taking good care of her. The answer that matches to the scene is O which states Hamlet is agonizing over his mother`s behavior. The second quotation is found in Act 1 scene 5 lines 42 to 45 where Hamlet`s father`s ghost is speaking to Hamlet. It explains that Claudius who is Hamlet`s uncle and the one who married his mother after murdering his father corrupted his mother Gertrude into a beast. The ghost indicates that Claudius has taken advantage of the fact that Gertrude is shallow minded and only concerned about her sexuality. Because of her lust, she has fallen into the arms of the beat that is Claudius. Answer K matches the quotation where the Ghost speaks to Hamlet. The third quotation is drawn from Act 2 scene 1 lines 82 to 87 whereby Ophelia is talking to his father Polonius about her encounter with Hamlet. She describes how Hamlet held her tight in his arms and looked closely at her face. This is indicative of Hamlets love for her although she remains unsure about the love and whether to love him back. Answer C matches the scene because it where Ophelia is describing Hamlet...

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