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GSU Resource Center in Georgia, Sociology Resume Writing


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GSU Resource Center in Georgia, Sociology Resume Writing

GSU Resource Center in Georgia, Sociology Resume Writing


Generate a resume and document that illustrates general skills acquired or improved upon in general as a result of participation in a general studies/liberal arts program, and skills specifically acquired by the student during their time as a participant in the General Studies program at GSU
Synthesize knowledge
Research prospective or current employers in order to summarize and synthesize information regarding desirable skills, potential opportunities, and possible contacts.
Create and upload a resume` based on the employer research what we did in Module 2 (in attachments) use your imagination. 
I work at a machine shop (been there for almost 15 years, I am also a farmer (for about 6 years now)**
I am majoring in Business and Sociology and minor in writing. I graduate next month if this helps any.




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OBJECTIVE: Part-time on campus position that involves Business and Sociology and minor in writing with the goal of involving administrative duties and customer service. To obtain a challenging position in an organization that allows me to integrate my education and work experiences in valuably impacting the operations of the entity.


Georgia South UniversityExpected Graduation Date 2017





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