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Grapes of Wrath. Performing critique


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Grapes of Wrath. Performing critique

Grapes of Wrath. Performing critique

To give you a sense of how is the theater. The audience seating are on three sides of the stage and I my seat was in the far right of the theater. Few times throughout the play, they were acting in the far right corner of the stage where I was not able to see anything. The actor`s instruments that is mentioned in the uploaded guidelines are Voice, Body, Mind, Emotions, and Sensory awareness.
Name:Course:Tutor`s Name:Date:Grapes of WrathThe play is piteous, heart-wrenching and leaving a person paying tribute to the American family. The theatre, A Noise within, brings forth the play to the stage where it outlines the whole story of flight of the family from the devastating situation in Oklahama Dust Bowl to yet another genesis of dramatic life. The family is always proud but it was consequently reduced to the poverty level when they lost their farm. Ma and Tom Joad together with other members of the family pack their things into the old truck and head west to California. The family had high hopes of finding better life and work. Consequently, the family is faced with realities of the great depression that was happening at the time. They address many of issue that many countries are facing today: high rate of unemployment, artificial environmental problems and people losing their own homes. The production was actually good with the use of actual live band music that assists in some parts of the narration like in the situation that the truck is started, the band gives the sound. The track is actually an assembled benches and chairs, milk cans, lanterns as headlights and headboards and pieces of fence which are exactly the items that are mentioned in the novel. The only concept is the stage performance was where some of the parts were being acted at the right end of the stage where from my right end corner it was not visible enough otherwise stage performance was good.During the acting, acting instruments are used to express more meaning about the particular play or bring play into live performance. A case in point is where Tom uses such emotional words as he is speaking to Ma about sacrifice required. The body reaction, voice, and the emotions are an indication of how the character was really moved by need for generosity and tries to better the life of another per...

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