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Grade Inflation in America`s Learning Institutions


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Grade Inflation in America`s Learning Institutions

Grade Inflation in America`s Learning Institutions


I need you to create an outline for the 10 Page Grades order I will be making soon. The grades outline is on the same topic as the grades annotated bibliography you did a while ago.

NameInstructorSubjectDateGrade Inflation in America’s Learning InstitutionsIntroductionThe grading of students’ test scores and examination results provide an effective means of measuring learners’ achievement and progress.Standardized tests, class assignments, and continuous assessment tests are the tools that teachers employ to measure learners’ mastery of syllabus content. However, the inflation of grades by awarding students more A’s and B’s create an inaccurate picture of learners’ actual competencies. Grade inflation in higher learning institutions threatens to destroy the credibility of the entire education system. Poor performance of American students in international test scores suggests that America’s grading system is inflated. Thesis: The poor performance by American learners in international tests despite scoring high grades in national exams, indicate that there is a problem with the grading system used in American learning institutions. Accordingly, it is necessary to re-evaluate the grading system used in America’s education system in awarding learners’ achievements to ensure that the grades reflect international standards and the true comp...

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