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Get Answer: Develop understanding of how to effectively manage people’s as well as your own employability and careers in organis


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Get Answer: Develop understanding of how to effectively manage people’s as well as your own employability and careers in organisations

Assessment Brief

Academic year and term: 2017/18 – Semester One

Module title: Managing People and Careers

Module code: BUS020N501A

Brief introduction to module

This module will help you understand the background to managing people as resources in respect of careers, recruitment and employability. By gaining knowledge of why employers use the techniques and processes they do to attract and recruit the right people for their organisations you will be able to apply it to your own future management practice as well as to your own applications for graduate jobs.  We will guide you through typical recruitment practices for graduate jobs from the perspective of a recruiter and an applicant. It is very practical and much of the learning arises from in-class activities, many of which simulate actual recruitment exercises. An important part of the module is developing your networking skills among fellow students from different cultures and building your confidence in communicating with others. It is very important that you attend all lectures and seminars as each session will address a different aspect of your expected learning outcomes.

Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work  

1. Knowledge outcome – Develop understanding of how to effectively manage people’s as well as your own employability and careers in organisations

2. Intellectual /transferable skills outcome – You will be able to:

(a) analyse own strengths and weaknesses in relation to organisational employment opportunities and becoming business ready; (b) apply mindfulness of yourself and others in order to operate effectively and sensitively within cross-cultural teams and

(c) to present the findings of an investigation in a professional manner through a variety of media in an acceptable format

Instructions for assessment

Formative Assessment

During seminars in week 8 you will take part in interview simulations which will test your ability to articulate how you meet the skills and criteria of a given vacancy. This will give you the opportunity to voice some of the skills examples you will have been asked to compile throughout the module in your ‘Skills Bank’. This session is compulsory. You will receive feedback and your reflections on these simulations must be written up and be included in your final summative submission.

During seminars in week 10 you will also take part in assessment centre exercise simulations which will test your ability to demonstrate the skills required for most graduate and management vacancies. This session is compulsory. You will receive feedback and y our reflections on these simulations must be written up and be included in your final submission.

It is important that you attend ALL seminars, but it is particularly important that you attend the relevant seminars feeding directly into your assessment. Failing to attend will affect your final mark.

Summative Assessment

For your final assessment you will be asked to submit a portfolio containing the components listed below which will be based around a given fictitious job vacancy. You will have a choice of 3 job vacancies, which will be given to you in week 9-10 of teaching. The job vacancies will be fictitious, but based on suitable vacancies available at the time.

The purpose of this is to enable you to put your learning immediately into practice in a current and meaningful way. During the seminars leading up to week 9-10 you will be practising the skills you will need on other, similar, vacancies. Marking will be according to the mark scheme included in this document and full details will be shared and discussed during seminars.

All components must be combined in one document. 

Component Approximate Word Count

An appropriately targeted cover letter (no more than 500 words)


Appropriately targeted competency-based job application answers to supplied questions (5 questions at approximately 200 words each – 1000 in total)


An appropriately targeted CV (no more than 2 sides of A4) (approx. 600 words in total)  600

Reflection notes from your in-seminar interview practice (max. 200 words in bullet point format)


Reflection notes from your in-seminar assessment centre exercise practice (max. 200 words in bullet point format)



The maximum word limit for this assessment is 2500 words, excluding references and templates.


There is no specified format for your cover letter or your CV. How you structure these is up to you and will form part of the assessment criteria. We suggest you create each component as a separate document with appropriate formatting then cut and paste to combine it into one document. You may need to re-adjust the formatting for each component once it has been transferred to the final document. Please practise this in good time for submission as the quality of your formatting will contribute to your final mark.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Due to the nature of this assignment it will not be possible to mark it as anonymous.

How will we support you with your assessment?

● By including exercise-based seminars designed to help you practise the skills you will need to be successful in the assessment

● Formative feedback as described above (under Formative Assessment)

● All lectures will contain information you need and all seminar work is practical and should be directly applicable to your assessment

● There are no previous examples of work available for this module because it is new. However, where possible and appropriate, we will provide you with worked examples of the required components of the summative assessment.

How will your work be assessed?

Your work will be assessed by a subject expert who will use the marking rubric provided on Moodle.   When you access your marked work it is important that you reflect on the feedback so that you can use it to improve future assignments.


Academic research is not required for this module, however, where you an external source has informed your work (perhaps in your reflection notes) you MUST acknowledge it and use the Harvard System to reference it.

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