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General Discussion


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General Discussion

General Discussion

In the past, many business leaders led by blunt authority, relying heavily on the power of their positions to motivate their employees. This authoritarian leadership style rarely produces top results in today`s business climate. Instead, modern business leaders seek to inspire loyalty and hard work in their employees by modeling these behaviors themselves. This week, you will continue to explore concepts related to “organic growth” strategies, focusing on effective leadership as a key element of successful implementation of strategy in general. Review the Learning Outcomes for this week, and based on those objectives and your analysis of the readings and video segment, respond to either "a" or "b" below, making direct references to several of the week`s required or optional readings: b. Outline general issues of culture and leadership, as they impact strategy formation and implementation. Use the example of a selected business with which you are familiar. References Harmel G., and Prahalad, C. K. (2005) “Strategic Intent” Harvard Business Review, 83(7–8). Hess, E. D. (2007) “The Road to Organic Growth: How Great Companies Consistently Grow Marketshare from Within” The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Collins, J (2001) “level 5 leadership – The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve” Harvard
Running Head: GENERAL DISCUSSION General Discussion [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor] [Date] General Discussion Strategy formulation and strategy implementation are two primary components of the overall strategy of an organization where formation relates to the planning and development of the goal and overall plan of the company while implementation is concerned with achieving the goals defined in the formation stage through leadership and effective management. Culture and leadership play a very important role in the strategy formation and implementation of an organization. The style of leadership and motivational techniques applied by the leaders basically dictate how the strategy will be formulated and implemented (Karami, 2012). The diverse culture of organizations in the globalized...

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