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Gender Socialism and Toys


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Gender Socialism and Toys

Gender Socialism and Toys

This is a toy research papper I need it done by 11 am tm
Gender Socialism and ToysTina GarnerSoc 100Mrs. OrtizIntroduction Toys are objects used by children to play. Toys help children in brain development and in the gaining of the ability to think logically and have memory skills. During the visit to Toy`s R US, I came across thirty types of toys, and many of them being the cognitive types of toys. There were a variety of toys that included both for girls and boys. Many of the toys were affordable, which enables one to buy many of them.Types of boys` and girls` toys Some of the toys that belonged to boys are cars, video games and remote controlled cars, Tonka trucks, matchbox cars. Girls had a collection included baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and cooking items. Colors of the toys varied with the sex of the child. Girls` toys have bright colors while most of the boys` toys have dull colors such as black. Most of the toys were the cognitive type, a type that helps in brain development of the child.Characteristics of toys Girls` toys were characterized by nurturance; domestic skills such as cooking and others have physical attractiveness because of their bright colors e.g., red and pink. They are also related to beauty and fashion because of the use of clothes dressed to the dolls. Boys` toys, on the other hand, are characterized with a lot of violence, dangerous, exciting and competitive such as video games, and cars, which are associated with accidents. According to research done by Toy Industry Association, 2.6 billion video games and electronic toys are sold each year. These toys help in cognitive growth, skills acquisition, removal of boredom in children and problem solving. Children will extend to play in a day when there is a toy, whether bought in the store or made at home. When choosing toys for children, parents should consider characteristics of the child who will be using the toy. Some of these characteristic are the child`s age and his or her developmental stage, the interest if the child, and the need for supervision by an adult. The design of the toy should also be considered in order to determine whether it capable of posing a danger to the child using it. It is also necessary to consider whether a toy can be used by one child or a group in case a parent has more than one child. Toy labeling is another feature that is important for safety use of the toy. A commission has been established and gives guidelines that are used in grading toys according to the age. Manufacturers have adopted t...

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