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Gays/lesbianism: Analysis on sexuality


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Gays/lesbianism: Analysis on sexuality

Gays/lesbianism: Analysis on sexuality

I attached the file to the second article “Attachments perspective on the developmental challenges of gay and lesbians adolescents; the need for continuity of care giving from family and schools” in case you weren`t able to open the article through the link. I also attached the PowerPoints on the chapters of the textbook you will need to refer to. If you have any questions or do not understand what I need please send me a message through this website. I was just trying to access the first article (coming out in middle school) through the link I gave you to make sure you could open it and it requires a nytimes account. But it`s free so you just log into the website you should be able to access the article. If you have any problems please message me.
Gays/lesbianism: Analysis on sexualityStudent name:School name:Gays/lesbianism: Analysis on sexualityIntroductionThis article is about the developmental challenges of gay and lesbian adolescents otherwise known as the sexual minority youths and the need for continuity of care giving from schools and family. The articles are meant to analyze the aspect of sexuality on the young adults. As children grow up they experience body changes in each stage of the human development. Most of them start to become curious and would want to explore more. A majority of the young adults are in the state of confusion because they want to be identified with a certain clique or their peer group. These groups are likely to affect them positively or they end up destroying their reputation. In my own view, I would strongly agree for the continuity of care giving, support and encouragement from schools, authoritative figures such as the church towards the adolescent child. The growing child requires a role model or an individual to imitate and look up to. Most of the adolescents end up engaging themselves in dubious activities such as homosexuality simply because they no one was there to direct them in doing what was moral instead they look up to their own peers.Article summaryCulture has its own unique ways of distinguishing patterns of gender socialization. When a child reaches puberty, he or she experiences an identity crisis because the physical appearances in his or her body will tell whether their sexual organs are fully developed. In the traditional setup, the socialization progress of girls is narrower because they are highly restricted whereas for boys they are encouraged to have less contacts with their families and more contact with their peers (cite chap5.ppt (5)). It is more pronounced that the behavioral and psychological difference between the females and males become more obvious at adolescence because of the intensifying pressures of socialization to adapt to culturally prescribed roles. Gender socialization in modern society has led to men taking up women`s roles and women undertaking men`s roles. Consequently, advocates of androgyny have argued that being androgynous is better than being feminine or masculine because an androgynous individual has greater character traits to apply in their daily lives. In addition, philosophers have argued that the most powerful social media is the magazine. It is influential and it causes a lot of issues related to gender stereotyping. They display the most obvious focus on gender socialization especially for the adolescent girls. For instance, they stress the aspect of physical appearance as the target course for every girl pursuing a relationship with the male counterpart. An adolescent boy-girl relationship leads to feelings and emotions being exchanged. Sternberg, (1988, p.122) illustrates the latter using the triangular theory of love saying that it encompasses three fundamental qualities that is; intimacy, commi...

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