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Foreign Policies in the US


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Foreign Policies in the US

Foreign Policies in the US


Must be formatted in (strict) current Turabian style (guidelines) and include a title and a bibliography page. Make sure to include (correct) page numbers for citations/references. NO PLAGIARISM as I will check if it is OR not. THIS MUST BE AN ORIGINAL, CUSTOM written discussion board. You must read sources I have provided in order to complete this assignment thoroughly and concisely; basically, you must write from your own perspective (and not someone else`s). Remember, this is a graduate (Master’s) level assignment, so make sure that it is – Graduate level academic writing on this assignment is very important. AGAIN, PLEASE REVIEW THE UPLOADED FILES THAT IS FULL OF INSTRUCTIONS AND THE GRADING RUBRIC.


Foreign policies in the US Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction Every country has an array of policies that control the interaction that it makes with other nations at various level such security and business among others. For the US, the history of foreign policy is quite rich starting in the 1700s going forward. At the time the nation was experiencing turbulence with division from within and pressure externally, some of which was hostile in nature (pg. 60). Today the United States is the most powerful nation, with foreign policies that are expansive as they are complex. The interaction between nations is always volatile as it was years ago; for the US the foreign policies have defined its sovereignty and consequently its place in the world over the years. Different nations will have differing agendas and it is up to the individual nations to redefine their foreign policies. For the US, the battle for supremacy and sovereignty is constantly rejuvenated relative to external and internal threats. The element of sovereignty is reflected in the bible, Psalm 103:19, stating, ‘The Lord has established his throne in the heavens, and his kingdom rules over all’. Thesis statement: foreign policies of the United States in the 18th century largely took the isolationist approach, with relative changes in latter centuries. Policy overview Relative to the fact that the US was experiencing various divisions within the states, the first mode of foreign poli...

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