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FM Unit V Paper: Variables impacting pricing options


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FM Unit V Paper: Variables impacting pricing options

FM Unit V Paper: Variables impacting pricing options

Using the CSU Online Library, research the variables that impact the pricing of options. Focus your energy on comparing the attributes of the two widely accepted models used for option pricing: Black-Scholes and Binomial Models. Your paper should be completed in Word and be approximately one to two pages in length following APA format.
Variables impacting pricing optionsName:Institution:Date:Many investors leverage on the fast moving stock in the market. If you don`t know how to take advantage of such movements in the market, you might be left reeling from the losses you have incurred from your stock. To take advantage of such movements, you might want to consider using options to plan your next move. The power of an option lies in its versatility to adapt to your position in any situation that arises. However, this adaptability does come with a cost. It would be prudent to consider the variables that affect the options of pricing of stock before sticking to single option of pricing. The versatility of an option does not only see...

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