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Flooring Material And Finishes For Interior Architecture Office


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Flooring Material And Finishes For Interior Architecture Office

Flooring Material And Finishes For Interior Architecture Office

NEED A DRAFT IN 48 HOURS!!!You are required to complete one piece of majorassessment, which is a research report emphasizing on the usage of design research methodologies and will focus on the content of your primary and secondary sources. I will attach everything that was done for this research the the Objectives, primary and secondary sources. Primary Sources are the interviews and the secondary sources are the articles. PLEASE read the research DESCRIPTION you will know how to go by. However I could not visit any tile company personally keep in mind that is one of the objectives I did not achieve.
FLOORING MATERIAL AND FINISHING Name: Institution: Date: Introduction Selecting the appropriate interior finishes is important for the construction industry requiring the input of interior designers and architects. In most cases carpets are used in general offices as a floor finish because it is easier to maintain and it improves the aesthetics and acoustics of space. However, the use of tiles is common in many offices, but this can also be accompanied with the carpets. The choice of the carpet depends on the durability of the material, as some areas like the reception typically have a lot of traffic. The research aimed at identifying the flooring material and finishes in architectural office. The primary area of focus was on tiles as flooring material, to get information about the research a person working in a Dhaka tile manufacturer gave information with personnel also working in interior architecture offices offering vital information. One of the main challenges of the research was obtaining information from tile manufacturers as there was slow response than anticipated. Purpose The research broadly sought to find out the flooring materials used in an interior architectural office. Following visits and interviews to people working in the offices it was possible to obtain information as primary research. However, the research also relied on published articles as secondary sources of information. The specific objectives of the research included: To objectify on the floor material and finishes for architectural offices. To look into the general common demand for floor materials in architectural offices To look for the suitability of materials for a comfortable working environment To explore and compare floor material and finishes in architectural offices Limitations The research focuses on flooring material with emphasis on tiles, interviews were successful through visits to office. However visits to most tile manufacturers did not materialize even when there was prior connection with the teachers. Nonetheless, the research relied on information from a manufacturer and dealer of tiles and sanitary from Dacca Ceramics, who stated that both products were fast moving. The sample choice taken could be inadequate for the research, but they also offer vital information for the research. Primary research: Company In view of the objectives of the research, the study ought to have visited three or four architectural offices and at least one tile manufacturer. Most companies in Malaysia did not give feedback after initial requests, but there was a positive response from a company in Dhaka. Dacca ceramics situated in Dhaka dealt with tiles and sanitary, with the company began having its own factory for the manufacture of the products. Having been stated in 1970, the company had grown over time. The construction industry is competitive and the company imported various technology aimed at improving there products. In ...

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