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Fine tuning Performance of Databases


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Fine tuning Performance of Databases

This paper revolves around the Fine Tuning Performance of Databases, you are supposed to provide a report on explanation of Databases systems and the need to fine tune the performance.

Fine tuning Performance of Databases

Databases systems are an essential component of today’s world since they store valuable information for a specific purpose to the users. Through databases, organisations and people are able to make decision on the basis of facts rather than speculation. With such a high expectation placed on the databases, there is need to fine tune them to improve their performance whenever they are needed. One known way of conducting a tuning is by understanding the sequence of activities in making queries from these databases. The sequence entails end user application though query, query sent to the server, the server executes the query and the end user receives the results. With such a high level of sifting data and requests, it is essential to possess computers with a high processing power, a primary memory and a good network.

Aside from a well comprehension of the sequence, the design of the database must be in tandem to the needs that the database hopes to achieve. It must fully embrace integrity and optimal application of all its components. It is often recommended that the system design should embrace a holistic approach to minimize occurrence of bottlenecks. The same obligation also accrues to the end user who should be keen on how they develop a query through understanding configuration, the indexes they use, table storage organisation and data organisation. For example, understanding SQL cache or Procedure cache makes one aware that this is a reserve memory for recently executed SQL procedures. Additionally, it is worth noting there are two principles that guide the modes for optimising a database query. These are selection of the optimum execution of an order and selection of sites to minimize costs. In other times, these optimisation techniques may be static or dynamic depending on their timing.


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