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Financial Institution Coursework


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Financial Institution Coursework

Financial Institution Coursework


There are 4 questions, each has 200 word minimum in APA format. Course is Financial Institutions.


Unit III Financial Institution Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Yearly rates are 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, and 8% for the next five years. Please compute and explain the expected interest rate for both the three and four-year bonds if we show the liquidity premiums to be 1.25%, 1%, .75%, .5%, and 0%. yearrateExpectedLiquidityExpectedRate (%)Premium (%)rate(with premium)14%41.255.2525%(0.04+0.05)/24.515.536%(0.04+0.05+0.06)/350.755.7547%(0.04+0.05+0.06+0.07)/45.50.5658%0.04+0.05_0.06+0.07+0.08)/5606 The calculations are based on the assumptions of liquidity premium given that the interest rate of long-term bonds as well as the liquidity premium corresponding to the supply and demand of the bond. For the first year only the yearly rates and the liquidity premiums, but for the second to the fifth year, the expected interest rates will depend on the sum of the yearly interest r


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