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Finance and Accounting


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Finance and Accounting

Project description
To do these, you’ll have to access my school blackboard. Here is the info
Go to Student login: [email protected]
P/W – Jadhiah01
Once logged in Go to Blackboad – Then Click my name on the right of the screen……the drop down menu shows my classes……ACC111.91

Assignments (2)
1 is timed.
Unit 1 – Chapter 1 Quiz
Click on above. This is a timed quiz. Once you start, you have 60 minutes to complete. You cannot save the quiz and go back to it. Once you open it, it must be completed.

Unit 1 – Chapter 1 Homework Assignment
Homework must be submitted through the Connect Accounting system. Click on above to access the templates for your homework for this unit. Complete Chapter 1 mini exercises M-6 and M-9 and exercises E-1, E-3, and E-6.

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