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Final Paper for Philosophy


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Final Paper for Philosophy

Final Paper for Philosophy

According to Descartes, we can know the very essence of our own minds with absolute certainty, and this reveals that the mind is wholly distinct from the body. Is this true? Provide an argument for or against this view,called Cartesian dualism. Then provide two good objections to your argument, and conclude with a reply defending your argument from those objections. Grading: The grade for this paper will be based on four categories:content, philosophical strength,spelling/grammar. Finally, for philosophical strength, your paper should be interesting and reflect a serious attempt to engage with the philosophical problem at issue
Name:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due:Philosophy of the MindAlthough there may be other factors with regard to the status of the mind, the correlation between the mind and the physical body has been a crucial factor in the relation of philosophy of mind. Cartesian dualism states that the mind constitutes of independent elements that originates but not distinct with the body (Descartes, 1970, p70). For Descartes René, the distinction between the relations of the mind occurs between two and more elements Descartes (Descartes, p60). He articulated a substance as something that does not require any support for its survival. On his opinion, a substance can survive on its own. In his book principle, part I, section 5, Descartes, argues that such a substance exhibits a mode quality, which is the capability to have affection. It is this quality of mode that enables a substance to survive on its own. The substances mode exhibits sphere shaped tendencies. Being sphere shaped means that the object portrays three dimensions so as to exist. The existence of a substance therefore is not dependent upon other elements. Descartes postulated that God created objects or substances to exist independently and not be dependent upon each other. It is only God to whom other creatures depend so as to survive. This is a basis for his rationale of the distinction of the mind and the body. The relation of whether the mind and the body can exist separately is another issue altogether.Mental reactions occur in insulated spaces that are called “minds” and there cannot be a correction between the happenings in the mind and the body. A person`s thinking can only influence another human being from the physical perspective. Human beings can have sensory touch, hearing or seeing other people`s physical bodies, but they may not understand on their inner feelings and how they can influence them. Someone may recognise the functionality of his or her mind and the direction of the mind`s thoughts. This indicates that one is aware of the happenings of his or her inner body. The memory aspect of the mind gives it a bit superior position than the rest of the bosdy since it is the recorder of the whole system including the physical body. Direct contact of the mind`s consciousness is the first ...

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