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Filmic Representation


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Filmic Representation

Filmic Representation

Summarize the assess the filmic representation of sex, violence and propaganda
Filmic RepresentationNameProfessorInstitutionCourseDateIntroductionFilmic representation is a form of media which is used as a vehicle for constructing reality for instance; this is done through cinema and photographs through films` recording. Films mostly express the shape of the state images and symbolic representations of cultural fictions in which ideas about aboriginal identity have been implanted. Several themes in the filmic narratives are tested and evaluated in order to evaluate and contrast the ways in which the films show the procedure of narrative context and differences within the film texts.Sex, violence and propaganda in mass media are having an incredible impact on our society creating a major cultural revolution. The bottom line of all these social change is for the film industries to make profits, viewers seeking pleasure and satisfaction in entertainment and people advancing their personal agendas to restructure society along the lines of their predilection. However, despite the huge negative impact the mass media has had on the society with regard to sex, violence and propaganda, it has helped in awareness creation.Sex in communication and mass mediaThough 70 percent of Americans feel that there is too much sex and bad behavior on television, writers and producers on their views suggest that their movies and series reflects society hence forgetting that in one way or the other, they are profoundly influencing the values of society. Sex and promiscuous behaviors have been portrayed as exciting and acceptable yet it plays a prevailing role in molding manners and characters. It has a sever consequence on traditional Judeo-Christian moral values. Currently, the media are infiltrated with sex. Nudity on screen was big in the seventies and the eighties at the time when few studios were more willing to take big chances and so was a different kind perception. As people become aware of the new technology and the easiness of composing a movie, styles have changed since then and we are facing the harsher aspects of sex alongside kindness of a much more family-friendly kind of stylized sex. There has been a massive rise of porn mostly influenced by DVDs and then the evolution and addiction of the internet. At the moment we can see totally explicit sexual material on the net if we look for...

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