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Famous Quotations


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Famous Quotations

Famous Quotations

Choose 3 topics and 3 famous quotes you could use in a speech on those topics. Explain why each quote would be relevant to each speech.
Using quotes in your speech could add to the selling power of whatever idea you want your audience to understand and accept. There is a hint of truth in them that their authors, who were inspired enough to make them, wanted to impart to would-be listeners. For example, if you want to talk about happiness, you could use the following quotes to supplement your selling idea:"No man is happy unless he believes he is." - Pubilius SyrusUsing this quote at the start of your speech would introduce the idea the one`s happiness depends on that person`s perspective. You, as the speaker, could expand your idea from here."No man is happy but by comparison." - Thomas ShadwellThis quote would then introduce a problem that the audience would no doubt relate to: how comparison would lead to questioning one`s level of happiness. "If you want to be happy, be." - Leo TolstoyThis quote would then serve sum up the point of t...

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